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Trade promotion activities of T-PJ to bring value to the customer benefit is:

- Find product markets

- Perform the export consultancy

- Simplify the export costs

T-PJ's goods trade promotion:

- Agricultural

- The agricultural products - industry: wood, rubber, wood chips, agricultural residues, cassava

- Food industry: seafood processing, confectionery, canned food, canned drinks / bottles

- Cotton

- Paper, packaging paper

- Plastic, plastic packaging, plastic products

- And some other products according to customers' requirements

Transaction method:

- Step 1: Contact us and set up appointments with customers to export products

- Step 2: T-PJ office or factory to learn about the company and product details, response capacity

o Description of goods / Quantity / Price

o Quality (Inspection Unit on request)

o Origins

o Quantity / Weight / Packing / Labelling

o Conditions delivery / Delivery Time

o Conditions of Payment: L/C, T/T, payment vouchers

o Cargo insurance

- Step 3: Request a quote and send samples (if required)

- Step 4: If the product price and reach:

o Choose the date of signing the purchase contract

o Carry goods produced or purchased, packaged products

o Select delivery date

- Step 5: Undertake the delivery by sea or by air depending on product characteristics.