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Marine Cargo Insurance is insurance for the risk of loss from the external cause, material injury to the insured goods, occurred during the transportation (and the temporary storage or during transport transfer) is done by any form of public transport, within the territory of Vietnam or in the whole world.

I. Why choose our insurance services:
Join Cargo insurance program of T-PJ, Customers will receive the support and counseling services with dedicated, outstanding facilities:
• Support services 24/7 customer consultants
• Comprehensive coverage, flexible
• Conditions and terms of insurance according to international standards
• The procedures for complaints and compensation quick, professional
• Network assessment and risk assessment in accordance with international standards ...

II. Products optimum flexibility:
     1. Insurance Goods exported by sea
     2. Insurance Goods imported by sea
     3. Insurance Goods exported by air
     4. Insurance Goods imported by air
     5. Insurance of goods transported inland
     6. Insurance of export and import goods